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Senator Lautenberg Introduces the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011

Posted on April 14, 2011

Senator Lautenberg Introduces the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011 Today Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) broke new ground by announcing the introduction of the “Safe Chemicals Act of 2011” by video posted on YouTube.

Lautenberg’s video announcement opens with a series of compelling stories from people who have testified before his committee about the need to reform the nation’s chemical laws. Among those featured are:

Molly Gray, who testified before Congress that her struggles with infertility may be related to her “body burden” of toxic chemicals. Read her blog about testifying before Congress.

Sanjay Gupta, MD, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, who told Lautenberg’s committee last year “What we don’t know can really hurt us and there’s a lot we don’t know” about toxic chemicals and our health.

Philip Landrigan, MD, of Mount Sinai School of Medicine, who told CNN “Eighty percent of the common chemicals in everyday use in this country we know almost nothing about.”

Senator Lautenberg lays out his case for reforming the nation’s chemical law, stating that the legislation is an “opportunity to ensure better health and life for our kids.”

“The average American has more than 200 industrial chemicals in their body, including dozens linked to cancer and other health problems. The shocking truth is that the current law does not require tests to ensure chemicals used in everyday household products are safe,” said Senator Lautenberg in a press statement.
“The EPA does not have the tools to address dangerous substances and even the chemical industry has asked for stronger laws to assure consumers that their products are safe. My 'Safe Chemicals Act' will breathe new life into a long-dead statute by empowering EPA to separate the chemicals that help from the chemicals that hurt.”

Closing with a call for bi-partisan support for the legislation, Senator Lautenberg urges all viewers to spread the word, and share his video message on Facebook and YouTube with friends and elected officials. “The need is urgent, we can’t afford to wait.“ said Lautenberg.


If anyone dealing with chemical sensitivity (MCS) isn't familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act, they might want to get the facts. MCS is recognized as a disabilty and Title III of this law, makes clear that people with MCS may find access to public facilities difficult when fragrance products are in use. Any kind of barrier to the disabled is disallowed under this law.
The U.S. Department of Justice is charged with ADA enforcement.

Posted by: del cameron | Jan 7, 2012 12:01:45 AM

Thank you for brining this to our nation's attention. Asthma is on the rise. Why, many ask? Living with severe asthma since childhood, 50 years, I contend that it is on the rise because of the places that scents, chemicals and allergens have been "invited" into our lives. Scents and chemicals are far more pervasive now than in the past, (when tobacco was the primary assailant). My belief is not only that this pervasiveness of scent has a causal relationship with the increase of incidence asthma, but that expensive litigation is in the near future.

I walk through a mall...and the hallway outside the Abercrombie store assaults those of us who are allergic because they have the "right" to pollute my space in the name of a "brand". I pay $90 a ticket to go to a play, having traveled to Chicago to see Wicked, and I have to sit in the lobby because the "fog" machine no longer uses dry ice, but anti-freeze. Others cough, my life is imperiled. I avoid the most popular church holidays because the sanctuary becomes dangerous with the heavily scented perfumes of the infrequent attendees. Instead, I faithfully attend the rest of the year.

I've been the one who has had every available nurse in the emergency room attending to...I've been lucky to get out of bed three weeks after an attack, grateful to be alive. And I have lived half a century listening to others claim that their "rights" are somehow more precious than my right to breathe.

I teach, and often tell parents and those who work with our students that I may be a canary, but I am a part of a flock. Thank you for speaking up for our flock. Children deserve to grow up free of the hostility of those who have more power, simply because they have power. Our right to breath is a right that should not be invalidated simply because others have wants, and the power of their numbers.

Thank you!!


Posted by: bev | Oct 11, 2011 6:30:11 PM

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